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Samuel Ålander


Hailing from Gunnarskog, Sweden, Sam has been skiing most of his life. He is hands down one of the most talented freeskiers that you will find anywhere on this planet. Don't believe us? Watch for yourself below. Sam has two primary goals when it comes to skiing. First, have as much fun as possible. Second, to get as good as he can. Sam also teaches skiing, for him it's a way to give back to the skiing community and to the sport that he loves. The opportunity to teach and show others the joy they can gain from skiing is a gift in and of itself. Aside from skiing, Sam works with local businesses to help their social media and also organizes railjams, slopestyle contests, and other ski related events. We are beyond stoked to have Sam as one of our Ambassadors and look forward to not only watching his growth, but being a part of it. 

"I feel honored to represent CLOKWORQ. Such a cool brand with really good looking and unique Products from the Colorado Mountains. For sure the most stylish headwear in the world!"

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